3D Printing Medical Devices Market to Witness Medical Innovation.

3D Printing Medical Devices
3D Printing Medical Devices

3D Printing Medical Devices Market has a wider perspective that ranges from commercial spaces to aerospace. Companies are now widely adopting 3D printing material as a means to reduce overhead and produce highly efficient products. Innovation being at the crux, the field is highly subject to witness unique medical models and prototypes to 3D printed assistive devices such as wheelchairs and prosthetics. 3D printing in medical device is now so eminent, that the governing bodies such as FDA has laid out certain guidelines on additive manufacturing devices. Commercially, the 3D printing enables easy accessibility of medical devices and helps the patients to get critical supplies with the help of 3D printers.

Factor such as increase in medical applications in the recent years, continues to expand at a higher rate. Substantial advances in the technological arena, new 3D printing devices and materials have gained a significant attention in the global market. Strategic alliances between key market players have pumped the revenue generation and have also augmented the demand for 3D printing medical devices.

Components under 3D printing medical devices market comprise 3D printers, 3D Bioprinters, 3D Material Devices.

Technological segment for 3D printing medical devices market include EBM, LBM, photopolymerization, DD and 3DP. Product categories include implant and prosthetics.

North America and Europe are large markets for 3D printing medical devices with dominance in medical science and information technology. Manufacture of medical device, equipment and products using 3D technologies also adds to the market development in these regions. A wide application driven by technological advances in the medical industry highly contributes to the market developments in the near future. For instance, dental restorations, dental implants, 3D printed and prosthetics and tissue regeneration techniques have significantly contributed to the market growth in these markets.

Asia-Pacific regions were valued at a greater CAGR in the past, owing to adoption to 3D printing at large. However, certain factors suitable for market growth are now gaining an upper traction which in turn propels the APAC market development.

Prominent players operating under 3D printing medical devices market include 3D Systems Corporation, Materialise NV, Concept Laser GmbH, Renishaw PLC, 3T RPD Ltd, Arcam AB and EOS GmbH.


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