Castrol develops next-gen gear oil for industries.

Gear oil
Oil for Engine & gears

The gear oil market is gaining significant attention recently as Castrol brings out a novel gear oil for industrial domain. 

The gear oil market witnessed a few highlights in Jan 2018 as Castrol launched a novel gear oil to help industrial sector by loosing up on energy consummation and preventing any industrial glitches; that makes Castrol as one of the leading lubricant companies to operate on a global scale.

Castrol optigear synthetic PD ES works at the micro level by ensuring smoothness to the gear surface and eliminating friction. The oil protects the gear from wearing out sooner. PD ES is approved for use with Flender Siemens Gears.

Daryl Luke, Global Product Manager for Gear Oils at Castrol shares that, “the range of next gen gear oils are designed to lessen the friction and safeguard gear boxes. This leads to lower production costs, rise in uptime and reduced energy consumption and extending the life of equipment.”

Castrol’s technology enhances the surface quality by smoothing the gear components resulting in low coefficient of friction and lower friction also leads in operating at optimal temperatures since less heat indicates less wear of the equipment. Technically, the gear oil lowers internal torque to a significant percent only to deliver a superior performance on the output end.

At present, industrial equipment & machinery is anticipated to show a higher performance in adverse conditions by having optimum resources. Castrol PD ES is basically designed from this point of view. Castrol optigear synthetic PD ES launched in various countries since Jan 2018. The specifications are highly met with Flender OEM and is approved by Flender Siemens for multi-disk clutches as well as geared motors.

Apart from the industrial domain, Castrol unveils a refreshing fluid technology to augment protection for subsea systems. Control fluids are a complex moving parts in a subsea system and hence reliability is a serious concern. Castrol’s control fluid transfers power, offers lubrication and deals with contamination in engine parts.


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