Younico will now operate as Aggreko from 2018

Mergers and acquisitions in the power rental market
power rental

Recently, Younicos integrated its operations with Aggreko, a global provider of mobile and modular power. Henceforth, Younicos will fully operate as Aggreko in the global power rental market.

Power rental market witnessed a recent merger that took place this October and with this Aggreko now offers value addition to its customers by integrating Younico’s energy storage operations. Younico’s maintains a good track record till date in the installation of battery projects and software. In real, the acquisition took place in July 2017, but the modus operandi came into effect in 2018.

The power rental market has been of much significance to the speculators, thanks to the company mergers and in the consumer era where consumer is the king, the power rental companies are coming up with effective alternatives to cater to the consumer demands.

From now onwards, Younicos will operate as a new business unit, Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions aiming for delivery of energy as a storage service (ESS) and also as a microgrid. The company will supply mobile and modular 1MW building blocks both as microgrid and standalone systems. The merger is intended to bring out effectiveness in operations and operate in a massive market plus capitalize on the hybrid energy systems to gain the optimal cost of energy for customers in the global scenario.

Chris Weston, Chief Executive for Aggreko’s shares that the energy market is witnessing a significant phase and is changing according to the consumer landscape. The company claims to deliver cleaner, cheaper and a reliable source of energy to consumer anywhere in the world ranging from offsite operations to industrial energy across a wider range of domains. National grids have been augmenting the renewable source of energy and storage choices and there rises a need for solutions to bring out the solutions in a wider spectrum.

The company officials also shares that the competitive landscape is changing in the power rental market since the consumer needs are turning complex and despite the odds, company is able to provide optimized resources serving to the consumers.


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