Indian Institutes to raise bar in the geocells market

Geocells market
Road construction demonstrating use of geocells

Geocells have been serving a good purpose in the Indian soil when it comes to ground improvement, embankment protection and reinforced soil walls.

The geocells market in India is of a significant concern since Strata Geosystems  have been doing a good job by undertaking the research & development for road pavements as the construction of roads and highways have been a major concern from economic development point of view in India. The organization has come up with geosynthetics such as geocells (Stratawebs) and geogrid (StrataGrid) for  ground improvements and furnished soil walls.

In the background of this setting, pavements with low California Bearing Ratio (CBR) demands higher engineering apart from the established standards. There arises a situation in which marginal material is needed in cases of low CBR and such conditions need to undergo an immediate paradigm change by using geosynthetics.

Strata Geosystems undertook the rehabilitation work of a damaged portion on NH-44 that connects the rest of the country with North Eastern states. Rehab work was done in a mere span of 15 days and was acknowledged by Assam PW department.

The damaged portion occurred near the Assam-Tripura border traverses that comes with an irregular terrain. The region experienced a greater rainfall in 2016 and got completely damaged reducing it to the size of a swamp. Initially, repairs were undertaken with a low success rate leading in a traffic disruption.

Strata Geosystems configured the pavement design using geocells keeping the CBR as low as 0.5% with a specified traffic intensity. Granular material was available under reasonable lead used as an infill marking assurance over drainage of accumulated water. Hence, the work was duly completed in a span of 15 days complying with traffic density and fulfilling the transportation objectives in Tripura.

The company sources have also shared the importance of geosynthetics and geochemical engineering. Geocells market will sooner witness a higher traction in India in the upcoming years.

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