Gelcoat Market witness the launch of new products.

Gelcoat market
Representative image representing use of gelcoat for boat hull

Dilutec launches new products in the Gelcoat market that complies with the UL 94(V-0) plastics standard and features in low VOC emissions.

“Colorgel FR LE gelcoat” is a novel product in gelcoat market designed by Dilutec. It complies with the UL 94 standards and parameters. The compliance represents that the parts designed with Colorgel FR LE flame resistive and prevents it from propagating further into the object. Once the ignition source is detached the surface stops burning, serving as a major requirement in industrial, transportation and energy sector.

Marcos Brambilla, Technical manager for Dilutec shares that the product is eco-friendly owing to the reduced VOC emission rate, which is attributed by a quality of high compatibility resin blended with styrene monomer.

A test study was conducted by Newtech to guage the performance of the product and was found that Colorgel FR LE results in a negligible percent of loss in mass when compared to standard gelcoat. Dilutec underwent two years of completion to develop the product. To apply it, a machine or a spray gun, paint roller or brush can be used in the top end version.

Marcos Pannellini, the commercial manager for Dilutec has shared that the monthly demand in South American countries is more than 250 tonnes. To serve such a massive demand the product is supplied as a home solution along with the addition of additives made by composite processors.


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