Green Tires Market continue to evolve in 2019.

green tires market
Representative image showing a man using eco-friendly tires for a vehicle

As the technology is consistently changing, the change is triggered in the automotive sector too. The industry is now embracing the concept of green tires which leaves the market to witness an upper traction in coming years.

Green tire market is now a core area in the automotive sector which has gained a special importance in the past few years.

Tim Koonts, BDM (Mechanical Rubber Goods) for Teijin Aramid explains how the landscape is changing and environmental benefits are gained within a complete package. Further, he also tells that terms“green initiatives”, “sustainability” have gone way beyond their traditional forms of definition. These concepts have now become the part of our life and has become the founding base of any business.

Transportation sector is also under reformation since the scope has tripled in the last three decades. However, with the expansion environmental challenges have also broadened and hence green tires market goes innovative to resolve environmental issues.

With a changed mindset of consumers, they now demand lightweight tires, high resistance and a prolonged use during tough weather conditions.

Towards this, Koonts added that there can be dual solutions to the problems of rise in temperature and shift in climate owing to human factors. He tells that, there can be preventive and curative measures to fix the issue and for tire manufacturers, there can be multiple opportunities to look out for any possible response.

Koonts seems keen on adding ‘eco’ value to business he concludes that any opportunity creates another.

As automotive industry turns innovative in the tire sector; the primary goal is to benefit the environment via product lifecycle which ultimately means lessening global warming by producing eco-friendly tires and complying to norms and regulations.


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