How GFRP Composites Market gained a high importance in Norway.

GFRP Composites market
Pictorial representation for Glass reinforced plastics

Fiber reinforced plastics have helped in reducing the maintenance costs for bridge/s in Norway. Thanks to the robust features of GRFP composites, the life of bridges in Norway are now enhanced resulting in minimal expenditure for maintenance.

Bridge construction turns out to be a costlier affair, particularly when its time to renovate the old structure that would comply to new standards. It is a common practice to build an adjoining bridge within the proximity of the existing one, but by using a few innovative solutions, the production expense can thus be saved.

Norway has been using innovative ideas to cut down on expenses for maintenance and construction for old and existing bridges and has started using elements that prove to be robust by all means. Glass fibre reinforced plastic is widely used across the country right from vessel hulls to automotive components. For big projects such as bridge construction, EU has directed communities from multiple countries and conducted research on materials that enable the extended use of FRP composites for bridge elements. These materials are less prone to corrosion and have a high lifespan requiring a low maintenance throughout the year. To add more, products GFRP/FRP composites market are much light yet strong.

Use of FRP composites is been co-ordinated under EU project DACOMAT that aims to produce several types of plastic and fibre-based components that deliver better alternatives over existing ones. The primary objective is to produce materials that suits the bridges and turbine blades, further developing an established market for customized composites. Secondary objective of DACOMAT project is to encourage the use of composites on a large scale for bridge projects in future and not confining to building of small scale pavements.

Overall, the GFRP composites market is gaining a wider acceptance thanks to innovation and availability of efficient technology for future deployments.


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