Innovations and Trends on the rising curve to prove favorable for growth of MEMS Microphone Market.

MEMS Microphone
MEMS Microphone

MEMS Microphones have found a strong relevance in smartphone and tablets across the world. Apple and Samsung products being the main drivers for MEMS microphones have resulted in a significant market growth. For instance, iPhone6 has three MEMS microphones whereas the iPhone6s has fours. The criteria for three or four microphones stands as hands-free calling, audio fidelity and voice commands for Siri. In addition, noise cancellation and enhanced call recording performance are some added features. Knowles is in a leading position under manufacturing and hold more than 80% of market share in MEMS microphone market.

the market is majorly driven by rise in application of MEMS microphones that leads to enhanced sound quality. Manufacturer emphasis on advanced hearing aids such as bluetooth and noise quality results in a significant market growth. In addition, rise in smartphone manufacturing sector is likely to drive the market growth in the near future. However, technological complexity and stringent quality tests may limit the market growth in the near future.

The MEMS microphone market includes condenser microphones and piezoelectric microphones that operate on several frequencies. Application based devices such as hearing aids, mobile devices, bluetooth headsets and digital assistance devices.

North America dominates the global market in terms of demand and volume. Further, the market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to rise in adoption of electronic appliance such as television and smartphones.

Asia-Pacific market experiences a substantial growth in the terms of production and increase in adoption of digital techniques for data capturing and storage.

Europe market is home to several technologies that are capable of delivering quality sound. In addition, presence of big players speeds up the market development in the near future.

Prominent players in the MEMS microphone market include Knowles Electronics LLC, AAC Technologies, Goertek, BSE Co Ltd, Analog Devices Inc, Hoisden Corporation, Mouser Electronics Inc, Akustica Inc and NeoMEMS Technologies.MEMS Microphone Market


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