Akzonobel launches a superior quality glass flake epoxy coating.

Glass flake coating market
Representative image for glass coating

Glass Flake Coating Market is an emerging one with lots of awaiting opportunities. Recently, Akzonobel released a new product series this July.

Glass flakes are used for different applications that enhance certain reinforcements and thermal properties. Commercial applications of glass flakes filled materials is now growing significantly, as the glass flake coating market receives a significant attention.

In this regards, the new high build expoxy coating designed by Akzonobel came out in July, catering to other dynamics in the glass flake coating market. The product is named as Interzone 954GF, having a high level glass flake that works against abrasion and corrosion.

Interzone 954GF is now available in Europe with an extended scope in the international range of protective coatings, aimed at offshore oil & gas and wind industries. It fully complies to the NORKSOK, offshore corrosion standard systems.

Ian Fletcher, Regional Marketing Manager, Europe, shared that, unlike conventional glass flake coatings, Interzone 954GF deploys a high aspect ratio lamellar glass flake for extended scope of product life and gives good results on better usage. International approvals such as NORSOK systems implies that the specifications can be simplified, along with reduction in application costs that might lead painting shops to enhance their productivity.

Interzone 954GF suits best according to NORSOK systems and international standards (ISO 12944), that encompasses performance testing for offshore environments. The performance testing is in accordance with the standards that are currently based on corrosion methods in relevance with ISO 20340:2009.

Andrew Clark, the technology leader, power and mining and an active member of ISO group, UK, shared about the cyclic corrosion testing systems. He said that the cyclic corrosion testing is revised in the ISO 12944 since it reveals a greater relevance with the environmental factors faced by the coating systems in real working conditions.


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