Advanced Glazing Technologies to drive EU market.

Glass insulation market
Representative image of the collaboration between AGC and Panasonic

Panasonic and AGC will now work in a joint venture to develop a vacuum insulated glass for to be released in the EU glass insulation market.

The collaboration between AGC and Panasonic will lead in development of vacuum insulated glass posing as the superior quality of insulation performance in as the products are mainly intended for European markets.

AGC will install a new line for producing vacuum insulated glass in Belgium under a specified schedule in European housing scenario in the late 2019. The planned investment is around more than 7 million euros with an anticipation to add another taskforce.

It has been a common practice of homeowners in Europe to renovate older houses they’ve been living in for couple of years in a row. Therefore, there’s been a sound need for insulated replacement windows in major parts of Europe. Towards this, AGC and Panasonic have decided to collaborate and develop a high class vacuum insulated glass particularly for European market. The company sources have shared that the joint effort will mainly encompass AGC’s low E glass technology and processing techniques along with Panasonic’s plasma display panel development & manufacturing technology. The vacuum insulated glass primarily delivers thermal insulating performance pertaining to industry’s highest insulation glass that is mainly around three-qaurters in thickness that helps in mounting the sashes during the replacement activities.

The glass insulation market will also see one of the best co-ordination work ethics between the giant players. For instance, AGC will deal with market research, sales network and market reinforcement activities, while Panasonic will prepare the necessary ground work for setting up the manufacturing base. Working under ideal conditions, both the companies will fully use their competitive advantages by contributing to improvement of living conditions in Europe.

The companies are much keen on launching sales for cooling of showcase equipment for refrigerator/freezer as well.


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