US Hard Coatings Market witness new product launch.

Hard coatings market
Representative image for product launch in hard coatings market

Duaralar Technologies, a Tucson based tycoon for ultra-hard coatings and coating components has recently introduced, Emperion system for a greater output deposition on the dual surfaces of metal parts. By this, hard coatings market in US will experience a next level move on the organizational level.

The product launch took place on Feb 14-16 this year during an advanced surface technology conference (SURTECH) held in Tokyo, Japan. Emperion system made a debut in the exhibition for Duaralar Technologies.

Tom Casserly, Phd and CTO for Duaralar Technologies, shared that the features of the product enable virtual yet constant coating and gives a significant output. About the technical details, he assures that the operator can reload and unload the second chamber simultaneously with the first chamber still in process. The system’s DualArmor process is capable of coating the metal parts much rapidly and evenly, in the interior and exterior of the metal component.

Casserly also explained about the functionality of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) for Emperion that deploys Duaralar’s hollow cathode process termed as Dual Armor. This creates a mechanical interaction between the metal parts under intense plasma and coats all the surfaces with a high uniformity. Hence, it reduces the possibility of unevenness, mainly irregular lines and spray type coatings. The high-intensity plasma ensures a rapid coating, which is much optimized than the time required for previous coating process.

Emperion is highly compact and economical over other counterparts. It enables simplicity in design and demands less electrical power making it easy to install.

The product is highly suited for diverse applications such as firearms and industrial machinery, since it has a low coefficient of friction. The company claims that all of the hard coating products are superior and provide resistance to erosion. In addition, the mechanical processes used for production are inert, non-hazardous and complies with environmental norms.


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