Churchill Technologies : A big name in the Middle East’s Drilling Tools Market

Drilling tools market
Representative image for drilling tools

Oilfield service companies in the Middle-East have gained a tremendous importance, thanks to enlarged demands.

Churchill technologies made its mark in the Middle-East drilling tools market this year by registering a record breaking demand for technologies and services in its third year of anniversary.

Out of the major operations, the company recorded a significant demand for operators and smart dart activated DAV MX CircSub. The company expects to receive a massive volume of orders by this December, registering a record breaking annual growth of 65% in 2018.

The product lines also have a significant demand. Operations have doubled in the past years that pertain to the recovery from struck pipe with operators running a HyPR Holesaver. Above all this, operator demand remains high for Churchill. The sources added that the Drift Catcher, its latest products and the self filling float trigger is the faster and safer system of float in the market.

Nicholas Kjaer, General Manager for Churchill Technologies, shared that the company is growing by leaps and bounds that sustains the expectations in the long term. Operator demand tools are reliable, resilient and highly versatile to offer simplicity in use and have effectively minimized the turnaround time. Churchill Technologies looks forward partnering with a specialist support team, fully operational 24X7.

He further adds that, the product tools depict a mark of quality and commitment towards excellency thanks to strong foothold of the service companies in the region. The company entered the company in the market three years ago and the market being in recovery stages, witnessed a struggle.

At present, the market is much stable and there have been strong presence of customers and technology to boost the drilling tools market.

The company plans to showcase some of its product at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition (running for three days) taking place on November 12.


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