“Online Lottery is not a threat to National Lottery”, Irish Report.

Online lottery market
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Ireland witnessed ripples in the lottery market as online lottery market is gaining an upward curve here. The sources have frankly cleared that online sites are not to blame for state lottery running out of cash.

In the report, An Assessment of the Online Gambling Market in Ireland published by Jim Power, an economist, tells that there is no solid evidence that online lotteries have threatened the state-controlled lotteries.

The report highlights that the Premier Lottery reported a fall since 2008. However, it also points that the company witnessed a record-breaking sales in 2008 that implies that the support causes have also peaked and recently the company experienced an increase of percent in the sales.

The report also states that entire argument for licensed online lottery demeaning the state-owned business, stands baseless. In fact, a major finding from 2017 and associated figures state that the returns from the combined business by the leading players in online lottery market was just a little percent of turnover for premier lotteries in Ireland.

Power adds that the increased competition by the private sectors should prove beneficial for National Lottery, as increased competition in the digital medium is a vital aspect in acquiring a full-fledged sustainability to fund for good causes.

On contrary, Premier Lotteries have challenged the argument saying that the private sector companies are not the threat to good cause funding while the online operators are trying to ruin the games and shatter the cause of additional funding. The company views it to be impactful on the gaming communities across the country.

The report lacks in understanding, told the sources from Premier Lottery since, the lottery market was set up to raise money for good causes.


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