Adobe’s Gemini is a boon for Painting Tools Market

Painting tools market
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Recently, Adobe has designed a new painting app called Gemini that enables painters and artists to create a real life illusion by using watercolors and stylus as a paintbrush.

There have been innovations in the painting tools market and lately Adobe has come up with a painting app that enables artists to produce a real life illusion using oil paints and watercolor paintings on the screen by using a stylus as a paintbrush. This app also enables the artists to delete any mistakes, by chance.

Details regarding app were put forth in Adobe’s max conference in Los Angeles, this year. Kyle Webster, Illustrator and member of Adobe Team shares that the software helps the workflow of artists and helps them to stay within the app by offering multiple things in one package. Unlike conventional apps that drive towards switching, Gemini offers versatility within a single package.

Call it project Gemini, it also has other features such as video editing and posting program coupled with augmented reality program Aero. Since, it imitates physical act of drawing and painting, it currently acts as an app rather than a full program and used only with touchscreen devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is yet to go viral as the company plans to launch on Apple’s iPad in 2019 followed by Windows and Android devices.

There’s lot more about Gemini. It produces the effects that are manually drawn followed by blending, mixing, adding of water and varied thickness & stroke types respective of the brush chosen and the pressure applied via stylus. It further enables the artists to undo and paint strokes with a keyboard function. Powered by memory, it allows users to save and return to preset styles used earlier.

Similar to photoshop, Gemini is an innovative drawing app in the painting tools market.


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