Latest trends in cosmetic dentistry market for 2019.

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Cosmetic dentistry is gaining a significant attention, as there have been recent innovations in the field of 3D tooth printing and Veneers. The market is anticipated to grow by leap and bounds in the near future because of availability of right technology and 3D modelling software.

Cosmetic dentistry market is one of the emerging fields and one of the major innovation is 3D printing. Earlier, dentists were able to create new teeth using scanner, 3D modelling software and ceramics. However, at present, 3D printing is an innovative technology in the market.

By joining multiple layers together, 3D printers can replace damaged teeth with a new substitute having a high quality standard. Along with new technology, time & cost barriers are overcome while a necessary step is to affirm efficacy of the substitutes within oral cavity and to check how they go well with under microbial conditions. In this regards, the possibility of engineering 3D teeth along with microbial properties is already been tried and experimented. However, the General Dental Council does not have many experts in this domain, which seems invaluable for patients who are looking for treatment.

It is also recommended that the patients should ask about the level of expertise of the operating surgeon to have more comfort during the treatment. The treatment can be tailor made to suit patient’s need. To add more, before any treatment is undertaken, an understanding or long-term implications, advised too.

Dr. Suvendra Vijayan, University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics, shares that there have been tremendous progress in 3D printing and is a matter or time to hit the mainstream. He presented a research paper on the cone beam CT images for accurate use to print human anatomy structures.

Apart, Veneers are highly suitable for adults with need for simple tooth movement. Results are achieved in five to six months by using a series of aligners. Veneers are fabricated manually by dental technicians and are placed on the top of existing teeth that create a natural and lasting smile. The average life can last well from 12-15 years.

Overall, the cosmetic dentistry experiences an upward trend, thanks to technology, consumer awareness and constant innovations.


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