Pulse Width Modulation Controllers Market to witness an impulse in the years to come


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) comes into picture when we need to switch reagent and nutrient pumps “ON” and “OFF”. The chemical industry basically drives the pulse width modulation controllers market; as valves whose stem is bound to stick/trim is bound to plug need to be opened and closed. PWM controllers help in ensuring that pressure drop stays well-above critical pressure drop. They could also be used for turning heaters “OFF” and “ON”. Environmental chambers and silicon crystal pullers also use this technique; better known as “time proportioning control”.

The factor principally driving the pulse width modulation controllers market includes their capacity of filtering or diluting the pulses; thereby eliminating measurement noise. We could see pulse width modulation controllers classified into voltage mode and current mode. The other end-user of PWM controllers is DC motor; wherein input as well as output needs to be controlled.

North America and Europe rule the market; thanks to faster adoption of noise-free technology on their part. However, the APAC is expected to grow at the quickest pace in the upcoming period. This could be attributed to the fact that pulse width modulation is amongst the two algorithms in photovoltaic solar battery chargers; and solar energy is being put into practice big time by the government of India since the year 2014. As per Financial Express, the Indian government invested $42 billion+ in renewable energy resources; with solar energy holding the largest share.

The PWM controllers have found their end use in the power industry as well. It has been proven that pulsed flows have improvised on exclusivity in the distillation columns, burners’ combustion efficiency, and reactors’ yield. The players like Active-Semi, Semtech, Renesas Electronics, Diodes Incorporated, Vishay are eying inorganic modes of expansion like mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures to strengthen their foothold in the pulse width modulation controllers market.


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